Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed?
Yes, all of our drone pilots are certified as Part 107 operators of unmanned aircraft by the FAA

Are you insured?
Yes. We use on-demand liability insurance with up to $10,000,000 in coverage from Verifly on our drone jobs.

How does weather affect your shooting schedule?
We can fly with wind gusts in excess of 20+ mph. We do not fly in inclement weather or rain, and always suggest scheduling a “rain date”.

What is the quality of your aerial images and video?
We can capture 20MP images and 4k/30fps video. Example 4:3 aspect ratio is 4864 × 3648.

Is the quality of your mapping images better than Google Maps or Google Earth?
Yes,  low altitude mapping missions performed by drone can provide orthomosaic imagery at approx. 3cm/pixel, or even better when combined with GCPs (Ground Control Points). That is an increase in resolution of 10 times better than Google's satellite imagery applications which provide a maximum resolution of 20-30 cm/pixel (usually dependent upon whether viewing rural or suburban areas). 

Can I get in trouble for hiring a non-certified commercial drone pilot?
Yes. Anyone who hires an unlicensed drone pilot can be fined up to $11,000 per instance by the FAA. The drone pilot can be fined $1,100 per instance

How many acres can you map in one day?
There are many factors that affect the workflow of a drone mapping mission; available daylight hours, wind, terrain, tree canopy coverage, cloud cover, temperature, and more. A conservative estimate would be 40 acres per hour of available daylight. Under optimum conditions in every category, this amount could increase to 60 acres per hour of available daylight.

Can you fly over people?
No. The only people that a drone can legally fly over are the RPIC (Remote Pilot In Command) and a VO (Visual Observer). To expand on this a bit; 'flying over people' also pertains to avoiding a flight path where the momentum of a drone, in the event of catastrophic failure, doesn't continue to fly uncontrolled (or fall) into anyone, including any outstretched portions of their body.

How high can a drone fly?
We are restricted by the FAA to a flight elevation limit of 400' AGL (Above Ground Level). Fortunately, this also applies to allowing flights up to 400' above a tall city building or radio antennae, etc.

Do you do monthly construction progression photos and video?
Yes. We have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly construction progression packages with a wide range of additional add-ons as needed such as a 360 panorama, an orthomosaic image, or a 3D model and various video clip options. Contact us for rates and packages.

How far would you travel for a job?
Our home base is in Bogart, GA and we don't charge any travel fees until a job's location is more than 50 miles one way. At that point, we charge a .54 per mile travel fee beyond the 100 mile round trip. Occasionally, projects take us out of state and clients are responsible for reimbursing a daily stipend (usually just a hotel stay and a meal) for the duration of a project. All fees are disclosed and discussed up front. Realistically, if we are the right fit for your project no distance is too far.

Can you fly at night?
Normally, you cannot fly at night as flying is limited to daylight hours up to 30 minutes after official sunset and including the 30 minutes prior to official sunrise (better known as 'civil twilight'). The FAA provides a waiver which allows drones to fly during nighttime but only with appropriate additional lighting, precautions and knowledge proficiency. 

Do you shoot Interior and/or Architectural photography?
Yes. Many of our real estate clients appreciate that we also provide interior photography along with our Real Estate Packages. Architectural photography projects require a customized quote.

Do you offer any discounts or specials?
Yes, new customers receive a 20% discount on a STANDARD Real Estate package.

How do I book your aerial imaging services?
Thank you for considering us for your next aerial imaging project! Please fill out the information on the Booking Form and you will receive
a FREE ESTIMATE within 1-2 business days.

Can you fly indoors?
Yes, but we have found over time that many interior shots originally tasked for a drone can be more safely acquired via other stabilized handheld equipment.

How do you supply files?
We usually use an online file sharing service such as of Google Drive to deliver files. However, we can send them to you on DVD, USB stick, or even upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo for embedding on your sites. If files are supplied on a physical device, according to GA law we will have to add sales tax to the project transaction.

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